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Seponono Africa to provides expert consultation services in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. For strategic guidance to organizations looking to enhance their social impact and sustainability efforts. Whether you need assistance in crafting a tailored CSI strategy or incorporating ESG principles into your business practices. We are commitment to driving positive change, elevating corporate responsibility initiatives where purpose meets expertise.

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Our headwraps as corporate gifts, are more than just a fashion accessory. They amplifying women’s presence in corporate settings and community. Versatile in its use, women wear it on their heads, and men can drape it around their shoulders. We take pride in crafting our headwraps with a zero-waste approach, upholding our commitment to sustainability. We ensure that every piece is made with care and environmental consciousness. Our package reflects our value, using handcrafted papers or eco-friendly craft boxes.

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Dear Seponono Program

Dear Seponono, is an annual inclusive program created to support and  motivate disadvantaged female matriculants with some nuggets of wisdom as they are about to transition from basic schooling system to the “real” complex world. Each learner receives a letter, a head-wrap and sanitary towels through out their matric year.

Over the years it has been evident that a girl child experiences many issues and struggles in silence thinking that they are alone; from sexual abuse, domestic violence, bullying, lack of confidence, identity crises, peer pressure, discrimination, perceived expectations and societal pressure of when to achieve certain milestone and many other related problems.

Some of the average to poor performing learner mistaken education as pertaining to tertiary institution only and as a result they don’t recognise their power beyond tertiary of the fact that they can study later in their lives.  The learners from special schools “disappear” from the community with their learnt skills and the stigma/ discrimination continues. 

” It is time we come together and break these oppressive generational cycle/ curse” 

Seponono is a Setswana word referring to a beautiful woman that radiates / exudes confidence.

Dear Seponono Letters

We invite all women of stature to write a letter to a girl child, to share their experience or any advise on things they wish they knew and most importantly to remind them of their power and authority.



  • The letters must be written in English, with not more than 500 words.
  • The date must be located at the top right corner.
  • The letter must be addressed to Seponono e.g. Dear Seponono
  • At the end of the letter you may write your name and surname or preferred name only.
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